Who Are We & What do we Do?

This is not too hard to figure out is it?  We buy houses at wholesale prices.  We sell houses at deeply discounted prices. Does the word investor come to mind? Yes, you broke the code!  We’re real estate investors!

How Do We Do it?

First we work with people who are looking to get out, abandon, get rid of, sacrifice, give-away or who otherwise want to dispose of unwanted property.  We NEVER take advantage of people’s situations. Many times, this is due to a death in the family, a divorce situation or job loss. No matter what the situation, we provide a fair wholesale cash price based on the current and projected future market value.  As always, the seller can choose to accept it or not. We will also close in thirty days or less when needed. Sometimes, depending on the house, we will bring in a partner that may have certain expertise that compliments our own depending on what the house requires to turn it into a profitable project for us.

Example; providing quick tips/advice: 

We provide sellers who do not accept our fair cash price with their alternatives so that they can make an informative choice for their unwanted house.

Let’s share:

Tell us about yourself and any friends or neighbors you have that may be in the need for a quick sale of their property.  We will make it worth your while.

Please keep in touch!



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