Wholesale Real Estate (Retired Jan ’15)

UPDATE: 5-29-15:

That’s correct, I have retired from Real Estate Investing.  Oh sure I still have some properties left to complete and some rentals but I am no longer spending all of my time buying, renovating and selling homes. It’s time to relax and slow down and put my God-given skills to work in a different way.

Handyman Business Booming!

I am still helping people with house problems, just smaller problems.  Still using my tools and skills to solve house issues, just not the whole house! Helping people is the key here.  Many of my new clients are older and newly single people who really need help with home maintenance chores.  What I call “the joys of home ownership”. Storm to screen changes, plumbing problems, filter changes, fixture  updating, etc.

The difference now is that I am not working on unfinished basements or high, scary roofs.  No second story work, no unfinished or wet basements to deal with.

I actually started this about two years ago and have transitioned to full time with a full time helper on board for this year.   I am fully insured and I’m a fully licensed home improvement contractor/handyman/ electrician/plumber/carpenter and work on everything between your first, finished floor and top floor.

My slogan is “Let George Do It”; my new Handyman website is Let GW Do It . com. I have a great “Let George Do It List” for those interested in seeing the list of things I can help with in your home.  Or just use it to make a list for your honey and call it a “honey do list” instead!

The real difference between the Handyman business and Real Estate investing is that when a house is flipped, that’s it; it’s done. But, when I complete a handyman project for people, the relationship is not once and done.  They call me back over and over again! The relationship continues as long as my client wants my help. I have along list of one-time clients in Real Estate.  But I have an even longer list of new friends I’ve made providing handyman services to the local communities.

God is already blessing me and my family in this new business but I don’t want to forget to say, God Bless all my contacts in the Real Estate world and thank you for the great career.

Forever greatfull,




I buy and resell Real Estate. If you are in need of a house in any area, let me know what you are looking for and chances are that I have a wholesale deal in progress in that area.   I have investor partners in almost all areas of the country.

If you need to sell fast, We can help you.  No matter the reason, no matter the equity or no equity is okay. No listings, no price games, no waiting, no showings, no open houses.  Most deals are completed in sixty to ninety days max. You don’t even have to clean up or repair anything. We see through any clutter and dis-repair. We understand that we are buying and selling “as-is” and we will take care of any issues after we close.

TopTenSellers, PopPopBuysHouses.com is what our buying department has become known as. Click here to provide us with the details of the house you have for sale. Or call our Sellers Hotline at 484-366-1498.  

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